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About the company

VIRDE - Protective Shield for Your Health

Natural-based food supplements and skin care cosmetics are the main products of our company seated in Štemplovec. During seventeen years of its existence the company has built a strong position on the Czech market and extended its business activities also to Slovakia, Poland and Hungary.

The beginnings of the company date back to 1996 when it began operating as a commercial, advisory-consulting and service company in the field of pharmacy with the aim to improve coordination of cooperation with particular segments of pharmaceutical and retail chain. Eleven years later we started our own production of skin care cosmetics. Thanks to our own effective, original and purely natural-based formulas we are able to flexibly respond to market demand. Nowadays we deliver our products mainly in gel, oil and emulsion forms. In addition to cosmetic products our portfolio also includes food supplements where we are able to offer a variety of interesting benefits both for business companies and final customers. Last year and this year there was an extensive reconstruction and modernization of the company headquarters which was partially covered from the EU funds.

We produce natural food supplements which help to prevent lifestyle diseases and promote healthier and happier life. The assortment mainly inlcludes the products the efficacy of which has been proved by many years of experience of both natural healing and professional physicians. The produced food supplements, for example, help to strengthen the immunity of the body, prevent cancer, stress, sleep disorders, etc. Our offer includes skin care cosmetics as well. It relies on the traditional time-tested formulas. Therefore, our cosmetic products are a successful combination of science and nature. The custom manufacturing cannot be forgotten either when gels are produced according to specific requirements of individual customers.